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“Excellent agent! Highly recommended for all your insurance needs!”

Ashley G., Stephenville TX

“Awesome agent! Everyone should check out ur savings w/ this company!"

Julia M., De Leon TX

“Texas Legacy saved us more than $700 a year plus we even upgraded our liability amounts."

Sara T., De Leon TX

“Clint Westberry got me some great coverage for a great price. The guy knows his stuff and doesn't hide any fine print to make a buck. Honest people who genuinely want to help their clients."

Russell F., Stephenville TX

“Awesome people, they actually take the time to explain things rather than just trying to make a sale. Highly recommend!"

Tom S., Stephenville TX

“They got me a much better rate for home and auto insurance. Awesome dudes."

PJ M., Stephenville TX

“They made the entire process so so so easy and for once, I felt like I actually knew what they were talking about since they explained all my coverages and answered my questions. We ended up saving over $1,100 per year by bundling with them, should have done it much sooner."

Todd N., Stephenville TX

“Came highly recommended by family member and we are so glad that we switched. I could never get a hold of my old agent and he always seemed to be on vacation."

Glen P., Dublin TX

“I was blown away by how much they were able to save us when we bundled and they were all so nice."

Don S., Abilene TX

“Such great and personal customer service! I called to get a home owners quote and ended up switching home and auto! Thank you Texas Legacy!"

Randi H., Bluff Dale TX

“Clayton was amazing! Best agent I have ever had and made my husband and I  so comfortable with all of our choice and options. We ended up upgrading big time but still paying way less!"

Kara S., Granbury TX

“I could not believe that all my guns were only covered for $2500 and my old agent had never told me that despite knowing that my whole family was big into guns. I learned more talking to Clayton for an hour than I had from over a decade of having my old agent. Make the switch before its to late!"

Jeremy N., Fort Worth TX

“It took longer than I wanted to get the quotes back but after shopping all around, they were the best. A friend of mine had them and had a claim and said they went above and beyond so were happy where were at and how much we saved."

Sandra P., Cleburne TX

“We saved over $200 per month!"

Kenny L., Granbury TX

“Glad to be on board with these guys!! Thanks Clayton!! Appreciate you showing me a few things like the "Uninsured Motorist" addition to my policy, totally makes sense!!"

Robert J., Stephenville TX

"I was literally pissed when I found out my policy had limits on firearms and that my old agent never even asked me after over 8 years!!! 2500 bucks would have bought only 1 gun alone. Give these guys a call, they will treat your stuff like their own and it's obvious that they truly care about their customers."

Paul H., Marble Falls TX

“What won me over was the whole Troop Tuesday donation along with other things they do. Glad to be somewhere where actions speak louder than words alone!!"

Craig C., Abilene TX

“Amazing service & so personable! Highly recommend Texas Legacy!"

Brittany P., Wichita Falls TX

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their kind hearts and the giving that they do! Wish more businesses would take charge like Texas Legacy and give back. Please give them a try, you will not regret it!"

Kim G., Cleburne TX

“Saved a ton of cash plus and was able to get more coverage. A++++"

Grant V., Stephenville TX

“They were always so easy to work with and actually returned my calls when I worked at the bank so I gave them a try after being disappointed with my current agent. So glad I did & we even saved over $1000 a year all together."

Mary S., Stephenville TX


Lisa K., Stephenville TX

“If you're a Dave Ramsey fan, you've got to give Texas Legacy a try. They are no bull, no fluff, honest and will tell you the truth. When I asked them what they thought about cash value life insurance their response was classic and what I had hoped for."

Tim L., Dublin TX

“I was hoping to save alittle more given all that I heard but I did have an accident on my file. Still got a renters policy for basically free after they put them together."

Abby T., Comanche TX

“Awesome Company and I have the best agent ever (Clayton Iley)! Everyone should check this company out."

Mary P., Stephenville TX

“I LOVE free stuff and all the giveaways so of course they're amazing!"

Paula T., Hico TX

“Friday is my only day off so I wish they were open on Fridays for my check. But they are super easy to work."

Chad R., Cross Plains TX

“Great group. Mike Brown is great agent. Saved me money and very helpful."

Josh H., Stephenville TX

“5 STARS! Great company & super friendly employees!!"

Macy Jo G., Stephenville TX

“These guys are super friendly and knowledgeable, a pleasure to deal with."

Brian B., Stephenville TX

“Great people to work with. Always courteous and helpful. They take great pride in making sure your insurance needs are met. Highly recommended!"

Jeff G., Stephenville TX

“These guys are super friendly and knowledgeable, a pleasure to deal with."

Brian B., Stephenville TX

“Clayton is the best! Saved us some serious money!"

Jennifer P., Abilene TX

“Way cheaper on our farm policy even after adding a couple tractors, welding trailer, new shades and my wifes stuff too."

JR P., Brownwood TX

“Like how they treat you rather than just another #."

Randy W., Abilene TX

“AMAZING! ...in so many ways! I have always believed that one of the best ways to find great people is to ask, "who do you know!?!" Proud to know Clayton Iley and Texas Legacy Insurance Group representing our Small Business! In December, we were the lucky winners of two Cowboys Tickets as part of TLIG's Customer Appreciation Give-Aways. All I can say, is you made one little boys dreams come true!!! Thank You!!!"

Stacy H., Marble Falls TX

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Charli P., Stephenville TX

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Ashlee R.., Stephenville TX

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Chris G., Stephenville TX

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Colleen C., San Marcos TX

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Teri B., Cross Plains TX

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Jennifer H., Stephenville TX

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Beverly A., Austin TX

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Brandon H., Stephenville TX

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Jess P., Stephenville TX

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Charli P., Stephenville TX

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Gadget Installers, Stephenville TX

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Freddy M., Dublin TX

"Jeff was very informative and professional! He was able to save me lots of money on my auto insurance! Thanks Jeff"

John B., Stephenville TX

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Mykea M., Cross Plains TX

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Laura S., Huckabay TX

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Amanda H., Deleon TX

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Lynze M., Seguin TX

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Michael H., Granbury TX

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Keven H., Stephenville TX

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Laura S., Huckabay TX

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Roeland S., Huckabay TX

"LOVE these people! I was stressing, in a bind but they made everything so easy. Then a month later I got a call out of the blue that I had won a 250 gift card!!!!! What's not to LOVE?!!!"

Rachel D., Granbury TX

"Thank you Jeffrey Pack and Texas Legacy Insurance. I like saving money."

Jean C., Granbury TX

"Michael saved us 500.00 a year and uped our coverages. His customer service is one of a kind!"

Elizabeth C., Stephenville TX

"Signed up online & got instant service. Very helpful"

J.D. & Glenda P., Deleon TX

"Craig saved us over $7,000.00"

Judy A., Stephenville TX

"Craig Allen was able to save us over $3,000.00 ."

Amy S., Stephenville TX

"Matt Lindsey helped cut my home insurance in half over farm bureau. Great service, highly recommended."

Allison R., Comanche TX

"Michael Brown saved me 1500.00 a year on Auto & Home ins."

Christina C., Stephenville TX

"Best service and pricing you will find anywhere, period! Should have switched sooner."

Chris T., San Antonio TX

"Saved me thousands on our Commercial coverages and blew the other guys away!"

Johnny R., Midland TX

"Clayton absolutely killed it versus our other quotes and we loved his no B.S. approach."

Jamie R., Granbury TX

"They actually do what they say, showed up to help on our claim and took care of everything."

Josh H., Cross Plains TX

"Thank you TXLIG! Another happy customer here and our family LOVES y'all!"

Becky P., Abilene TX

"The guys where very nice and good to us and enjoy getting insurance through them. I tell everyone about them."

Evelyn C., Comanche TX

"WOW!!, that was super easy & we saved over $1500.00 a year even after upping our house."

Katy P., Granbury TX

"Such good people, literally everyone up there and their good works in the community do not go unnoticed and so much appreciated to help make it a better place."

Addison B., Cross Plains TX

"I highly recomend Texas Legacy Insurance. Matt Lindsey worked on my quote for as long as it took to get me the Best Deal possible... Go talk to Matt he will work hard for you too!"

Christina P., Comanche TX

"After a ton of searching online and comparing, we gave them a shot and they 110% lived up to the hype. Did not try to scram life insurance down our throats like all the other guys which absolutely turned us way off everywhere else we tried like we were made of money"

Greg K., Abilene TX

"They hit the Dave Ramsey nail on the head exactly right. We took FPU and searched but despite going somewhere else first who was suppose to be an ELP, did not line up with Dave or offer us what Dave preached. Found Texas Legacy and were hooked after our first conversation. The actual owner told us how aweful cash value life was, what our discounts were and walks the walk himself."

Arthur O., Abilene TX

"Our agent Mike was able to save us over $1,000 per year on our new Auto & Home bundle!"

Benjamin D., Stephenville TX

"Dave Ramsey FPU people unite, this is your agency for results & straight talk!"

Chance K., Granbury TX

"It seems like we win stuff all the time for their raffles, Haha! Why shop elsewhere?"

Sandra P., Hico TX

"great service. Easy to deal with. good explanation of benefits"

Shirley F., Dublin TX

"If you have a bunch of guns, you need to talk to these guys ASAP!!!!!!!!"

Keith J., Granbury TX

"Holy cow! That was seriously so easy and effortless with amazing results"

Jace M., Seguin TX

"Jeff Pack; our agent, is polite concise and explained in a way we could understand. He was also able to save us about $80.00 per month. Thanks Jeff!"

R.J. R., Stephenville TX

"Thanks TX Legacy for the savings; we literally paid for our family vacation with the money."

Pam G., Dublin TX

"Ask your current agent how much your guns are really covered for and then shop Texas Legacy where they actually care about people more than they do themselves like our old agent who straight up lied to my face after our guns were stolen. Sick we didn't switch before this mess"

Brad K., Stephenville TX

"Our new bundle was better, cheaper, packed with goodies, and what we needed."

Samantha W., Fort Worth TX

"Texas Legacy is so helpful and friendly! We were able to save money while getting better coverage. We are so happy we made the switch!"

Valerie H., Stephenville TX

"Shop here were they constantly help others, better our community, and give back"

Pat L., Cross Plains TX

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Chad S., Stephenville TX

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Francis R., Dublin TX

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Amy N., Seguin TX

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Larry B., Cross Plains TX

"Our agent Ivore was able to save us over $30. a month on our car plus renters Insurance."

John & Nora C., Dublin TX

"Never had a B.O.G.O. on insurance before lol but we have now!!"

Oliver R., Stephenville TX

"Michael was great & saved us $500.00 a year on our home & auto."

Rozanne B., Dublin TX

"Great example of how to run a business, and give back. Godly people at Texas Legacy Insurance."

Nora S., Comanche TX

"explained Everything in detail saved us 2400 $ in year. Michael is the bomb!"

Kelly M., Dublin TX

"Dave Ramsey 100% golden and will take care of you for the $500,000 limits with the extended umbrella option and possible still save you money just like us"

Scott C., Stephenville TX

"Wow, just wow! Michael Brown cut our premiums in half!!! Superior customer service, so very pleased with his knowledge and it made for a great experience"

Sheila B., Lingleville TX

"Saved our business and store thousands. Accident insurance was a no-brainer."

Brian R., Stephenville TX

"Very friendly and helpful; quick and efficient. Saved me a lot of money! :)"

Patricia D., Stephenville TX

"Clayton does awesome work and his commitment shows."

Matt V., Deleon TX

"great agent did great work"

Cory R., Stephenville TX

"Michael helped my family save money while uping our coverage. Thanks for helping us!"

Andrea G., Stephenville TX

"Michael Brown made this super quick and easy."

Jessica F., Dublin TX

"Shopped online, very fast response and call. Had everything wrapped up quickly in time for closing"

Greg J., Stephenville TX

"Michael saved me so much money! He was so helpful & efficient."

Melissa H., Stephenville TX

"Michael saved me 150.00 a month on my insurance!"

Michael Scott R., Stephenville TX

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Beth D., Austin TX

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Yolanda M., Hico TX

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Paul I., Stephenville TX

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Charlie P., Stephenville TX

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